Welcome to Mitch’s Mobile BBQ & Homemade Ice-cream

Mitch’s Menu Guide

All of the following menus includes a choice of 2 sides dishes listed below. Other side dishes listed carry an upcharge. We use fresh, quality ingredients and products for the food dishes we prepare. In addition, we offer our Award Winning sauces, ribs and homemade ice cream, for your event. These menus pertain to cooking and serving on site. The menus listed are guides rather than menus set in stone. When I first started catering in 1995, I listed meats and sides, but clients could not choose a menu for an event, so I elected to put together suggested packages. This does not limit a client to put their own package together from food items we provide. We also provide drop off service, pick up at our location and pig roasts dropped off and carved onsite at your event.

All packages incur travel expense, sales tax & 18% service charge.
Credit cards incur 4% convenience fee.

Main Entrees

Steak & Steak #1

Great on a smoker! Filet Mignon/steak of your choice, demi, sauces, sides dishes Sundae bar Typically $30 and up per person Above price does not include tax, service, or travel!

Mix & Match BBQ #2

Choose what you'd like to put together! Meats, sides, and sundae bar. Price based on menu items chosen. Above price does not include tax, service, or travel!  


# 1 Backyard BBQ Special: Boneless chicken breast and/or thighs, smoked hamburgers, hot dogs and smoked sausages/ two sauces, two sides, & Sundae Bar--Homemade Ice Cream and Toppings. On-site smoking & Cooking with custom wood fired BBQ pit and set up for a full buffet. Cooks and staff to serve $13.50-$14.00 per person cost Above price does not include tax, service, or travel!

BBQ Ribs & Chicken Feast #4

BBQ RIBS & Chicken Feast--Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs, Chicken of your choice, Boneless or Bone-In--2 sauces, 2 sides, Full Ice cream Sundae Bar $17 to $17 .50 per person base price Above price does not include tax, service, or travel!


Pork BBQ Special Most Popular Package Hand Rubbed Slow Smoked Pork shoulder, pulled, shredded and uniquely flavored, boneless chicken breast and/or thighs, smoked hamburgers, and Hot Dogs--(can add smoked sausages) 2 sauces on the side, 2 sides and full Ice Cream Sundae Bar. $14.5 to $15 per person cost--see above Above price does not include tax, service, or travel!


IT'S-A-LUAU: A slow roasted pig, boneless chicken breast and or thighs, marinated flank, hangar steak or slow smoked Texas-Style Brisket with Mitch's Texas Chainsaw Red Chile Sauce, sauteed peppers and onions plus 2 sides, 2 regular sauces Sauerkraut can be added Full Homemade Ice Cream Sundae Bar $17.5O to $18 per person base price Above price does not include tax, service, or travel!

The Sampler #7

BBQ Rib Sampler same as Pork BBQ Special, except the substitution of slow smoked Baby Back Ribs for Pork BBQ. All other items remain the same, 2 sauces as well as 2 sides Full Ice Cream Sundae Bar $16.50 to $17 per person base price Above price does not include tax, service, or travel!


Marinated flank steak, hangar steak or slow smoked beef brisket, boneless chicken breast or thighs With chips, pico de gallo, salsa, guacamole, crema or sour cream, shredded lettuce, and cheese sauteed peppers and onionsMexicanan rice and refried beans. Shrimp can be added to meats listed above. flour or corn tortillas --housemade salsas and sauces-- Sundae Bar $18 to $19 per person Above price does not include tax, service, or travel!


Marinated flank steak, hangar steak, or brisket with sauteed shrimp. Choice of two sides. Full sundae bar. $18-$20 per person Above price does not include tax, service, or travel!

—Children’s Price: (6-12 ½ price) / 5 & Under Free—

Side Dishes – Choose 2

Mitch’s Bar-B-Qued Beans (None like ‘em anywhere)
creamy coleslaw
potato salad
pasta salad
fresh corn (in season).

Substitutions available with cost difference reflected in the final price.

Mitch’s Special Selections


Tossed salad, three dressings, croutons
Broccoli salad
Cheesy potatoes
Fresh green beans
Pasta w/marinara, meatballs
Mac n’ Cheese
Fresh fruit salad
Garlic roasted potatoes
Zucchini medley
Veggie kabobs



Cold Items

Homemade Salsa & Chips
Potato Chips & Dip
Fruit & Cheese Tray
Fresh Vegetable Tray w/dip

Hot Items

50 count
100 count


$1.50 pp
$1.00 pp
$1.75 pp
$1.25 pp




Mitch’s Award Winning BBQ Sauces

TEXAS RED CHILE (sweet & hot Texas style sauce)
BUFFALO (Traditional hot wing sauce for chicken)

Available upon request

Soft Drinks
Iced Tea/ Lemonade
Bottled Water

The Ultimate Sundae Bar

Mitch’s Exquisite Homemade Ice Cream –Over 20 Toppings

We bring three to four flavors of ice cream: Vanilla, Chocolate, and two others 

Toppings: Hot Fudge, caramel, fruit toppings, various nuts and candies, chocolate syrup and whipped cream

We can accommodate nut allergies, please let us know.

We scoop the ice cream, you make your own sundae!

Off-premise sundae bar at your location

Under 50 people: $6 per person + Tax & Service Charge

50-100 people: $5.5 per person + Tax & Service Charge

100 or more: $4 per person + Tax & Service Charge

Pig Roasts 

We smoke pigs and shoulders–No larger than 60 lb
We do not smoke pigs off premise. We can smoke it, deliver it and carve it for you.
Typically prices for roast pigs are $10 per lb before smoking.

Final cost determined by the size of pig and location we are delivering to
Whole Smoked Shoulders $40 to $50 each depending on size
About $5.00 lb before smoking
Pork BBQ $11 lb
Drop off Roasted Pigs include carving table, carved by staff and all meat left for you–we can take all waste.
Plus tax, plus tip of your choice to the carver
Picnic chafers w sterno and pans are extra $10 each.

Catering Terms

A $300 deposit is Required. All prices are subject to change due to market fluctuations (especially with whole pigs and lamb). We will be pleased to work a special menu out for you.

Please add 18% Service Charge & 7% Sales Tax. (50 Person minimum for on-site events)

Additional fees incur if traveling over 5 miles.

BBQ Pit Smoking on site w/ full buffet style set-up, plastic ware, paper product, wood/fuel, service staff, condiments (including lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, & cheese) buns and/or rolls w/ butter

(Menu choices are flexible. Please note these are only guides)

Price set based on the finalized menu, final count & stable food prices.

Full Ice Cream Sundae Bar included. Deduct $3.50 per person if dessert bar not desired.


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.